The Inevitable Arrival of Unexpected Guests: Chapter 1

cake_suites_chocolateWhat happens when you walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake? What happens next?

Well, in my case, just a few minutes ago, the window threw itself open, and I flew into my house.  I hopped off my carpet while it shook itself off and landed with a sigh. Always happy to go… always happy to be home.  Always happy!  No wonder we get along.  The window started to close itself as usual, but changed its mind, and after looking at my guests, I understood why.

Here they are, right in the middle of my house.  Sitting next to the open refrigerator.

How unexpected can they be when I actually invited them.  No, I don’t know them personally, and I did extend the invitation three years ago.  And wow –  our climates sure are different, to say the least.  When I visited their family on my magic carpet ride, I was hopeful, but pretty sure I’d never see any of them make their way up here.   I couldn’t be happier to see them!  They brought me cake!

Although, here is the BIG mystery:   Just how in the world do penguins get ahold of cake?!

After a few tail wags and flapping flippers they gave me a bark-like honk, and I gave them a honk-like bark.  Now I’m settling in and as they offer me a piece of peanut butter ice cream cake (my favorite!  How did they know!!), they whisper that they have a harrowing tale of adventure, excitement and danger to share with me… and it’s not over; not by a long shot.  I can’t wait.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my cake, offer my guests a bathtub of ice to nap in, and we’ll all take a well-needed snooze.

Tomorrow, after a quick run to the fish market, the storytelling begins.

Come back for the juicy details!  (The penguins and I have some celebrating to do!)


Unexpected Guests


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